Knowledge about the natural restoration and release of the fishing pier

When ecosystems are under pressure, it may be necessary to help restore populations and habitats. Fiskerikajen helped release 20,000 sea trout in Øresund in 2022, and that is something we would like to do more of.

In the autumn of 2023, in cooperation with Den Blå Planet and the East Denmark Flat Fishing Association, we will expose 10,000 small turbot in Køge Bay.

Read more about Turbot Release 2023 here.

In cooperation with the fishermen from Langø and DTU, we will hopefully also start breeding turbot for release in the Great Belt and Langeland Belt in 2023. We are also very interested in starting a project around the restoration of the many lost rock reefs that are now located on the Danish harbour piers.

If you are interested in helping to restore some of our lost nature, contact Jesper Redecker at