Fiskerizakajaen is a small venue on Smedetoften 25 where chefs, apprentices and foodies can try out new ideas or concepts. The venue will only host pop up restaurants. The idea and concept is determined 100% by the chef.

Fiskerizakajaen foto
Fiskerizakajaen foto


Fiskerizakajaen is a vibrant place where the menu and the concept changes every day. The place is able to rent for as little as one day or for longer periods. The rent is low and only covers  cleaning and use of electricity. If you are a chefs apprentice the rent is free if you clean yourself.

Fiskerizakajaen foto

Send your concept description to Hjalte at It should describe the menu, setup, desired number of days/evenings, price per envelope, who attends etc. Download the form to tell us about your concept here.

“We're doing this out of love for the industry. We often hear a lot of good ideas in our networks that never come to fruition. We want to give something back to the chef industry that has given so much to us.”

- Hjalte Pohlentz, Fiskerikajen


We have done our best to answer your questions about the use of Fiskerizakajaen here. If you have any further questions, please send us an email.

What to do?
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You have to do whatever you want. There is no dogma, it should not be fish. The chefs themselves are responsible for the tickets being sold, Fiskerikajen is only responsible for managing ticket sales via This means that Fiskerikajen does not guarantee advertising or the like for events, and does not cover unsold tickets.

How to borrow The Fiskerizakaja and what does it cost?
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To borrow Fiskerizakajaen one must write a concept description to Martin at It should describe the menu, set up, desired number of days/nights, price per envelope, who participates, etc. Order form further down.

For cooks, it costs 1000 kr. /day + VAT = 1250 kr. /day to borrow Fiskerizakajen. The price is negotiable if you have to borrow it for more than 7 days. Cooking students borrow it for free. Everyone has to pay for cleaning, see more below.

Rules of order
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Neighbors must be respected and all events must end no later than 24:00. Doors are to be kept closed from 22:00. The place must be respected. We've put a lot of energy into making a lovely place and we expect it not to be mishandled.

What's in Fiskerizakajaen?
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There are a lot of different plates, dishes and bowls, glasses and tableware, etc. Everything is tallied up and will be counted up after each event and the chefs are liable for missing or broken items at the guide retail price.

In the kitchen there is a 5 pin oven, 4 induction flares, a small rooner, cutting boards, bowls, beaters, mixer, blender, hand blender, deep fryer, refrigerate and freezer etc. There are no cloth tablecloths, you have to bring them yourself, but there will be tea towels and dishcloths to a limited extent.

How many seats are there and how are they sold?
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The restaurant can be decorated in several ways:

8*2=16 pitches

9*2 =18 pitches (ideal)

10*2=20 seats (packed)

We recommend selling the seats in pairs so that all seats are used.

How many days can I borrow it?
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You have to borrow it from one day and up to 10 days. You cannot borrow it for private events or for backing private companies. All events must, as a rule, be available for public sale via Fiskerikajen's webshop. You can of course reserve seats/tickets for friends, but tickets must normally be available for public sale.

If you “only” have events Thursday-Saturday, you should expect that there may be other events on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

How should it be handed over?
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Everything should be handed over clean and tidy. All waste must be removed. Refrigerators etc. must be emptied and cleaned. After each event there will be a cleaning. The cost of cleaning is deducted from ticket sales. So the nicer you hand over the place, the cheaper the cleaning will be. The price for cleaning is 250 kr. /hour + VAT