Turbot Release 23

Now your company has the opportunity to be part of an exciting project around the release of turbot and potentially other flatfish in areas where marine nature needs an extra hand.

In collaboration with ODFF - East Denmark's Flatfish Association and Den Blå Planet, we have started a stocking project with 10,000 small turbot ready for stocking as early as autumn 2023.

And the good news is that you can also join us!

Photographer: Mikkel Kehler Villadsen

“Exposure of turbot may affect the population of the invasive species black-mouthed goby. Thus, these releases are part of the solution for the natural fish stocks to dominate the shallow rock and mussel reefs again and hopefully restore an ecological balance in affected areas. It is for the benefit of us — the users of the sea that surrounds us, but certainly also for the benefit of the sea, which has long needed a show of hands”

- Mikkel Kehler Villadsen — Marine biologist

The project has been approved by DTU Aqua and you can support it by donating DKK 12.50 per turbot you buy — by participating in Turbot Release 23. That is, 1 fish put into the sea for every fish you buy.

If you do not sell turbot in your restaurant or eatery, you can still help support by transferring an amount from DKK 1000 and up to DKK 10,000.

The fry for Turbot Release 23 have been collected from fish from the Øresund and the process is described here: https://odff.dk/fisk-og-udsaetninger/.

If you are part of Turbot Revision 23, you also have the opportunity to join one of the visits we organize to Den Blå Planet and visit the small turbot farms. When in late summer we will expose the first litter of small echinoderms in the Øresund, we will also organize a small party to wish the little turbot good luck on the journey.

The aim is to make releases in several parts of the country and to expose more different species that naturally belong to the affected areas, particularly in areas where we work closely with coastal fishermen. In this way, we will also get the coastal fishermen involved in the project, they are the ones who will catch the mother fish. We all have a shared responsibility to help marine nature in the areas where we harvest our fish.

If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact us and hear how you can contribute.